Solid State Quantum Devices Laboratory

Welcome to the group page for the SQUAD lab! We explore quantum phenomena in novel condensed matter devices. Our research is curiosity driven, trying to better understand the microscopic quantum world. Meanwhile, our devices also impact the making of large-scale quantum computers. We currently work on making quantum devices with Germanium quantum wells as part of the JARA collaboration between RWTH Aachen and Forschungszentrum Jülich.

First hallbars have been measured, Landau fan diagram obtained!
12 Jun 2023

Our Bluefors dilution refrigerator cools down for the first time!
26 Jan 2023

Lino Visser joins as a PhD student, welcome Lino!
01 Jan 2023

Single Electron Shuttling for Scalable Quantum Computing
Bluhm Group, RWTH Aachen
Coherent Electrical Control of a Single High-Spin Nucleus in Silicon
Morello Group, UNSW Sydney